Brain health

Dolovent and Petadolex®

Boost Brain Health

To help you resist stressors, Petadolex® and Dolovent work naturally to boost brain health

What’s unique about Dolovent?

What’s the science?

Brain cells rely on key nutrients for the energy needed to regulate hormones, support normal nerve signaling and maintain whole-body health. Medical studies show that raising levels of magnesium, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), and coenzyme Q10 can help achieve and maintain normal brain energy metabolism.

What’s the benefit?

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Petadolex® herbal supplement

Patented butterbur extract for a healthy brain

What’s unique about Petadolex®?

What’s the science?

The unique Petadolex® butterbur extract has show a 71% responder rate in studies published in Neurology. Petadolex® remains the only form of butterbur trusted for use in medical studies. It is recognized as a potent CGRP modulator that desensitizes select calcium channel pathways involved in central CGRP release. The petasins it contains exert anti-inflammatory activity.

What’s the benefit?

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