About Us

We focus on
clinical evidence
and highest quality

We sell and license science-based, natural health products to address a variety of health conditions. Our approach is based on high-quality production standards and a long-standing partnership with the international scientific community.

Made to
Higher Standards

Our products are made in Germany where doctors prescribe supplements the same way they do medications. This is why German supplements meet safety and ingredient-purity standards that far surpass U.S. standards and U.S.-made supplements.

Our products are manufactured by Weber & Weber, a leading German OTC company with a 60-year heritage in pharmaceuticals, herbal extracts, homeopathic products and dietary supplements. Linpharma represents these products in the USA/Canada.

Linpharma’s commitment
with every product.


No harmful side effects

Backed by research and safety data

Verified ingredients

We help people live and feel better, by bringing them innovative health products.

All plants grown organically

All materials sourced from non-polluted areas

Quality control from planting through processing

Key Leadership

Volker Gallichio
Chief Business & Market Development Officer

With over 30 years of international experience in nutraceutical and medical device companies, Volker Gallichio’s strong ties with the industry and scientific community is a key factor in his success bringing quality products to consumers, distributors and healthcare providers across North America.

Dr. Thomas Kraetzig
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Kraetzig oversees Linpharma operations and is a champion of innovation in both research and development and how Linpharma does business. He is deeply invested in quality control to maintain Linpharma’s reputation for excellence in the fast-growing field of neutraceuticals.

Franzis Schicke
Director of Marketing

Franzis Schicke directs all Linpharma outreach, marketing and distribution/licensing programs. She is dedicated to maintaining communications that are clear, current and honest about Linpharma products, results, safety and other data so that consumers, suppliers, partners and the public can trust Linpharma and its products.

Trusted by a wide range of audiences

Distribution available in a variety of options

customer service

Linpharma has worked with distributors for decades. We stand behind our products. We value your business. And we are deeply committed to providing top-quality supplements and a top-quality customer experience.

Your customers will enjoy the benefits of high-quality, natural, and safe supplements, enabling you to feel good about what you are offering them.

Privacy Policy

We do not use ​cookies or embedded content from other websites. We do not partner with or have special relationships with any ad server companies. We do not use data to share with other companies or send data to any other services. We do not hold personal data and establish customer accounts on this website.

If you have provided your email to us to receive information, we retain your data only long enough to respond to your query and wait for your reply to our response.

If we ever change those policies, it will be announced here.


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