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Innobiotics works differently than any currently FDA-approved weight loss prescription drug to

burn fat + block fat

for safe, effective weight control while continuing your normal diet.

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A breakthrough based on decades of gut-health research

  • Achieve and sustain a healthy weight

  • Maintain normal cholesterol + triglycerides + blood glucose

  • Improve overall gut health to promote digestion, immune function and other whole-body benefits

A healthy gut helps with weight control 
Innobiotics does more to promote both.

Fat-burning polyphenols offer half the solution. Innobiotics is a plant-based supplement that also includes a specific strain of fat-blocking probiotics. This unique formulation can make weight loss safer and easier*—all without the unpleasant side effects of prescription weight control drugs. 

Manufactured to world-leading supplement standards
  • Plant based – none of the side effects common with drugs [How it works/About]

  • Well-researched – 15 key studies find Innobiotics ingredients safe and effective [Safety/Results]

  • Well-made –ingredient potency and purity are rigorously monitored [Supplement facts/ About]

Research confirms Innobiotics  
ingredients safe + effective for weight control and more

Fat-burning plant polyphenols: Sinetrol’s effect on metabolism

Polyphenols are natural plant compounds. A class of polyphenols called flavonoids has been linked with a wide range of health benefits related to metabolic health. Created by scientists at French life sciences company Fytexia, Sinetrol is a mixture of fruit-based flavonoids that can increase the body’s resting metabolism—transforming fat-storage “containers” that accumulate around the belly into fat-burning cells. Studies conclude that Sinetrol “reduced body weight, body fat mass and BMI; improved glycemic, inflammatory and oxidative status; and significantly reduced abdominal fat and waist circumference while increasing muscle mass.”*


Fat-blocking probiotic strain: Lactobacillus JBD 301’s effect on whole-body 

Researchers screened 20,000 different bacterial strains for their effectiveness at absorbing free fatty acids (FFAs). In terms of body weight, the study found the effectiveness of Lactobacillus JBD 301 similar to that of FDA-approved drug orlistat. But in addition, the Lactobacilli JBD 301 strain also benefited normal triglyceride numbers, cholesterol and blood glucose numbers.  found this probiotic an “ideal treatment for obesity with inherent safety.”  *

For the first time, Innobiotics brings these long-studied ingredients together—creating synergies that promote breakthrough benefits.

How Innobiotics Works

Innobiotics is a dietary supplement that combines two natural weight management ingredients: Sinetrol and Lactobacillus JBD 301. It is a plant-based product that works differently than any FDA-approved weight control prescription drug currently on the market by pairing fat-burning and fat-blocking properties. This helps with achieving and sustaining a healthy weight. The combination also creates synergies that work to promote whole-body health.


Turn off fat storage maintain weight

Lactobacillus JBD 301 probiotic absorbs free fatty acids so they don’t accumulate as new fat

Turn up metabolism to lose weight


Sinetrol polyphenol increases metabolism to convert fat storage “containers” into fat burners

Twice the power to BOOST GUT HEALTH

Polyphenols + Probiotics are even better together, supporting beneficial gut bacteria while offering antimicrobial protection against bad bacteria. Benefits of robust gut health can include:

  • Lower body weight, fat mass and BMI

  • Improved blood glucose

  • Normal cholesterol and triglycerides

  • Better digestions

  • Stronger immune function

  • Increased bone mass

  • None of the loose oily stools and abdominal pain side effects associated with prescription weight loss drugs

Interested in distribution?

Contact Chief Business & Market Development Officer, Volker Gallichio at


*The products and information found on this site are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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